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StickWithUs and the Carolina Lacrosse Association announces partnership with Performance Unlimited.

At StickWithUs we believe there are four essential parts for our players to progress realistically toward their goals as well as their full potential. 

1.  STUDENT-ATHLETES. First and foremost are academics. Academics will always be first.

2.  SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. Second, is citizenship, being a good kid, a good student, a good daughter/son, a good friend, and a good teammate. 

3.  ACCOMPLISHED PLAYER. Third, is your physical & mental development as a complete lacrosse player. Developing this includes your school program, your club program, camps, and individual showcases/prospect days. All are essential in developing your skills, your lacrosse IQ, and helping you reach your goals as a lacrosse player. We don’t know it all – no one does – our staff will, however, do everything we can to develop you into one of the top players in the region.

4. COMPLETE ATHLETE. Finally, is your physical development as an athlete. Often, we come across kids who decide they only want to focus on lacrosse and either never played or stop playing other sports. While we have always encouraged and support participation in multiple sports, we also understand the choice to specialize in one sport that you love, and one that you are most interested in playing at the highest possible level. Our observation through the years is that if you are not training with or at a facility that specializes in athletic development, you are probably not doing all you can to become the best you can be at your chosen sport. 

After meeting with and speaking to several facilities, and the Carolina Lacrosse Association have decided to pair with, endorse, and advocate our athletes train at Performance Unlimited 6300 Carmel Rd #140, Charlotte, NC 28226. They are dedicated to elite athlete development, injury prevention, and overall health and wellness. Performance Unlimited offers customized individual performance training programs scientifically developed to help each individual reach his/her full physical potential.

Get started today! To learn more about Performance Unlimited programs please visit their site at

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