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Charlotte Box League Winter 2021-22

Jack Hughes Park, Pineville. The CLA has purchased two full size boxes with netting so the ball never goes out of bounds. It is real box lacrosse on a real box rink!
513 Main Street
Pineville, N.C. 28134 Map It!

20 minutes of box training by professional box players followed by two games each game date

YOUTH Division One: 1, 2, 3rd grade.
YOUTH Division Two: 4, 5, 6th grade. (6th graders can play in the youth or the MS division)
Middle School 6, 7, 8th grade. (6th graders can play in the youth or the MS division)
High School 9-12th grade boys.

YOUTH Division One: Saturday afternoons from 11:00 am until 6:00 pm 
YOUTH Division Two: Sunday afternoons from 11:00 am until 6:00 pm 
Middle School Monday & Tuesday nights from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm 
High School Wednesday or Thursday nights from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm
(*Please note that once the schedule is set, you will only play in a 90-minute session within that time range for your age group)

YOUTH D One: Saturday's Dec 4, Dec 11, Dec 18, Jan 8, Jan 22, Jan 29, Feb 5 (Feb 12 weather make-up date)
YOUTH D Two: Sunday's Dec 5, Dec 12, Dec 19, Jan 9, Jan 23, Jan 30, Feb 6 (Feb 13 weather make-up dates)
Middle School Dec 6, 7, Dec 13, 14, Dec 20, 21, Jan 10, 11, Jan 24, 25 (Jan 31, Feb 1 weather make-up dates)
High School Dec 8, 9, Dec 15, 16, Jan 5, 6, Jan 12, 13, Jan 19, 20 (Jan 26, 27 weather make-up dates)

Cost is $245 per player - space is limited - register today - we will sell out!
Players are assigned to teams by the school they attend. If your school does not have a full team, players from the same school are kept together and are assigned to teams by the positions they play. Athletes are placed in the division that best suits their age and playing ability.






Why Box Lacrosse?
STICK SKILLS!!!!!!!!!  Box lacrosse is played in a hockey rink, 5v5 with goalies and no defensive long sticks.  In such a tight space, players MUST learn to have great stick skills and be able to pick the spots they shoot at! If you watch the Canadians and natives play outdoors (e.g Thompson Brothers, Mark Matthews, John Grant Jr.), their stick skills are second to none and they score goals in bunches. That because they honed their skills playing box on 4’x4′ nets! Being accurate with your stick is a must in Box lacrosse - you cannot just blow it by the goalie, you must be able to hit what you aim for! This is excellent not just for offense but for defensive players who must use short sticks and hone their stick skills!

LACROSSE IQ AND DECISION MAKING. Lacrosse IQ – Box lacrosse has a 30 second shot clock (like NBA) which means the game is very fast. Players must constantly be aware of the time, score and shotclock. This forces them to take all of those factors and make a split-second decision every time they get the ball. And since the game is so back and forth – players get many more reps. The feedback is instantaneous where as in field it might be a few minutes before you get off to the sideline to hear your coach explain things to you. Box shifts are fast and short which allows you to talk to your coaches a lot more than you would otherwise. For offense, players must be able to know when and where to take a good shot because there is such limited space to shoot at.

REPETITIONS REPETITIONS REPETITIONS Box lacrosse is played in an hockey rink where the ball hardly goes out of bounds and games are 5 v 5 which makes the game extremely fast paced! Many pro box teams will have upwards of 100 shots on goal each game! Compare that  to the 40 or so a team gets playing field lacrosse!.  Players get a lot of playing time - in fact many players will say it's more exhausting than outdoors! There is no standing around!.  Box lacrosse also has a 30 second shot clock, so the amount of shots per game is much higher than that of outdoor lacrosse. The game is back and forth which gives players many more chances and touches than they would have otherwise. Many high level box teams can get upwards of 100 shots on goal per game.  Compare that to just the 40-60 shots on goal per game field teams get and you can see why box players are such effective shooters..  Additionally, a penalty in box lacrosse is 2 minutes long compared to 30 seconds for outdoor! That means you are guaranteed 4 possessions on man up (30 second shot clock). 

BODY CONTROL AND HANDLING PRESSURE.  Unlike field, where a player has much more space to attack/defend. Box lacrosse is all close - quarters. For offensive players they learn how to handle to ball much better with a defenseman draped all over their hands and must learn how to use their body to shield their stick from being checked! They must also learn how to shoot around their defender. For a defenseman, there is no better way to practice your defense then to use a short stick because you can't rely on a 6 foot pole!!! You must play proper position defense! In box lacrosse, the 2 man pick game is an essential aspect and defending 10-15 picks a game with a short stick will only help your outdoor game! 

OFF-BALL MOVEMENT AND COMMUNICATION.  What most people don't realize is that the movement off-ball in box lacrosse is just as important as on-ball movement. Becuase the game is so fast paced and in such a tight space, offense doesn't have time to just sit back and set up a big play - there is constant movement all the time on offense! Off-ball players must set picks, roll off picks, have their hands free, all while having defenseman on their hands!! Defensively, communicating  through the 2 man game is VITAL. Additionally, defensive players  must communicate as a whole in order to be successful with the speed of this game!!


OFFICIAL USBOXLA SANCTIONED ORGANIZATION and Team Carolina Lacrosse are an official USBOXLA Sanctioned Organization & Team in the greater Charlotte area.

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Kindly note that all the information above is accurate at the time of posting to the web site and that all the information contained is subject to change based on registration numbers, field contracts, and a number of other unforeseen factors that impact the administration of lacrosse leagues and programs in the Charlotte area. Due to the anticipated number of students wishing to participate, registration forms will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Please note that schedule & field location subject to change due to availablity and final registrations. Finally while we will make every attempted to reschedule practices & games that are canceled due to inclement weather or other reasons, we can not guarantee that cancelled practices or games will be rescheduled, regardless of the reason for cancellation.

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