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Past Results

2019 Champions
Final Results for the 11th Annual Big South Summer Classic
HS Girls - Team Coastal over Lake Murry Rapids 12-1
Boys HS A - Carolina Hilltoppers 2020 over Carolina 24/7 2022 Red 8-7 in OT
Boys HS B - Average Joe’s over Lambert HSJV 8-3
2023 - Team 91 Carolina over Team Carolina 9-8 in OT
2024 - Carolina Miners over Team Carolina 14-0
2025 - LB3 Thunder 2025 Blue over Carolina Miners 11-4
2026 - Team 91 Carolina over 7 Flames, GA 12-6
2027 - Team 91 Carolina over 7 Flames, GA 7-6 in Double OT
2028/29 - Red Devil United over Team Carolina 10-9

2018 Champions
Girls HS A - Panthers LC Teal 12-1 over Winston-Salem Select 
Girls HS B - Panthers LC Purple 8-4  over Carolina Miners
Girls MS A South Charlotte 10-4 over Red Devil United
Boys HS A - Team Carolina 2021 8-5 over Team Carolina 2020
Boys HS B - Top Left Loggerheads 2020 12-4 over Scorpions
Boys U-15 A - Top Left Loggerheads 2021 6-3 over Hilltoppers 2021
Boys U-14 A - Team Carolina 2022 7-4 over Triad Elite 2022
Boys U-14 B - Carolina Xtreme 9-6 over Team Carolina MSR
Boys U-13 A - Team Carolina 2023 7-4 over Capefear Shamrocks
Boys U-13 B - Team Carolina 2024 14-1 over Winston-Salem Select
Boys U-11 A - Team Carolina 2025 7-4 over Carolina Xtreme
Boys U-11 B - Winston-Salem Select 10-4 over Team Carolina 2024
Boys U-9 - Team Carolina U-9 14-4 over Red Devil United 2026/27

2017 Champions
Girls D1 Red Devil Elite 11-4 over Carolina Miners
Girls D2 Division Carolina Cats 9-7 over Norcross Chargers
High School Boys A Division Team Carolina 2018 10-7 over Team Carolina 2019
High School Boys B Division Carolina Xtreme 7-2 over Fleet Lacrosse
U-15 A Boys Division Team Carolina 2021 Red 10-7 over Carolina Miners
U-15 B Boys Division Atlanta Rage 9-5 over Fleet Lacrosse
U-13 A Boys Division Team Carolina 2022 Red 9-3 over Georgia Thunder 2022
U-13 B Boys Division Team Carolina 2023 6-3 over Atlanta Rage
U-11 A Boys Division Carolina Miners 10-5 over Capital City Javelinas, TX
U-11 B Boys Division Georgia Thunder 2025 5-4 over Lake Norman United
U-9 Boys Division Carolina Miners 11-5 over the Atlanta Rage

2016 Champions
High School A Division: Team Carolina 2017 over Team Carolina 2018 score 7-2
High School B Division: Top Tier over Lake Norman United score 8-2
High School 2019 Division: Team Carolina Silver over Lambert JV score 9-8 in OT
U-15 Division: C2C Georgia over Atlanta Rage score 8-2
U-13 A Division: Team Carolina U-13 RED over Carolina Cannons score 7-4
U-13 B Division: Team Carolina U-13 NAVY over Team Carolina U-13 SILVER score 9-4
U-11 A Division: Team Carolina U-11 2023 over Carolina Cannons score 8-7 OT
U-11 B: Carolina Miners over Atlanta Rage 2024 score 12-4
U-9 Division: Carolina Miners over Team Carolina score 7-5

2015 Champions
High School A Division: Team Carolina Elite 14, Top Tier 4
High School B Division: Thunder 2018 10, Team Carolina 2018 9
U-15 A Division: Team Carolina 2019 6, Thunder 2019 Blue 5
U-15 B Division: C2C Georgia 2019 12, Cyclones Green 4
U-13 A Division: Team 24/7 2020 Black 6, Carolina Cannons 5
U-13 B Division: Cyclones 2021 White 9, Lake Norman United 1
U-11 A Division: Bucktown 2022 6, Cyclones Black 5
U-11 B Division: Winston-Salem U-11 10, Cyclones Silver 6
U-9 Division: Xtreme U-9  6, Carolina Miners 5 in Double OT

2014 Champions
High School A: Team Carolina Elite
High School B: Team Carolina Silver
High School C: Lake Norman United
2018 Division: Georgia Thunder
2019 Division: Cyclones Yellow
U-13 Division: Carolina Cannons
2021 Division: Cyclones Navy
2022 Division: Carolina Cannons
2023 Division: Florida Barracuda

2013 Champions
HS ELITE Team Carolina Elite
HS B Road Warriors U-17
HS C A-Town Cougars
U-15 A Thunder 2017
U-15 B Cougar Select 2018
U-13 A Clash U-13
U-13 B Blue Ridge Lacrosse
U-11 A Vally Select
U-11 B Ft Mill Fury
U-9 Carolina Cannons U-9

2012 Champions
HS Elite Team Carolina Silver
HS B Georgia Thunder
HS C Georgia Blackhawks
HS JV Georgia Blackhawks
U-15 A Lake Norman United, NC
U-15 B Cougar Select, NC
U-13 A Thunder Lacrosse, GA
U-13 B Hilltoppers, NC
U-11 A Thunder Lacrosse, GA
U-11 B Clash, NC
U-9 Clash, NC

2011 Champions
HS Elite Team Carolina Elite
HS B Lake Norman United
HS C South Charlotte Cyclones
U-15 South Charlotte Cyclones, NC
U-13 South Charlotte Hurricanes, NC
U-11 South Charlotte TornadoesNC

2010 Champions
U-15 Atlanta Rage, GA
U-13 Carolina Cannons, NC
U-11 Carolina Cannons, NC

2009 Champions
U-15 Lake Norman United, NC
U-13 South Charlotte Hurricanes, NC
U-11 South Charlotte Tornadoes, NC

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